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Photomediations: An Open Reader

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edited by Kamila Kuc, Jonathan Shaw, Michael Wamposzyc, Ross Varney and Joanna Zylinska



Photomediations: An Open Reader is an open, wiki-based part the online project Photomediations: An Open Book, led by Professor Joanna Zylinska. An experiment in open and hybrid publishing – as well as a celebration of the book as a living object – the project arises out of Europeana Space, which is funded by the European Union's ICT Policy Support Programme under GA n° 621037.

Photomediations: An Open Reader features academic, curatorial and mainstream open access texts about the dynamic relationship between photography and other media. The Reader is free for everyone to access. But that's not all: the open wiki format allows different communities of users (lecturers, students, curators, artists, independent learners) to add to, re-edit and re-version the material included in this Reader, after registering on this site.

The Reader also has a 'frozen' version, in the shape of an open access academic textbook which contains a curated selection of essays – some (but not all) of which are listed below. It was published by Open Humanities Press in January 2016.




Photomediations: An Introduction

Joanna Zylinska


I Photography, Optics and Light

A New Kind of History? The Challenges of Contemporary Histories of Photography
Ya’ara Gil Glazer

Why Burn a Photograph? A Film by Hollis Frampton
Alexander García Düttmann


Astronomical Seeing

Elizabeth A. Kessler


Processing Color in Astronomical Imagery
Kimberly K. Arcand, Megan Watzke, Travis Rector, Zoltan G. Levay, Joseph DePasquale,  Olivia Smarr


Hand-Held Schlieren Photography with Light Field Probes
Gordon Wetzstein, Ramesh Raskar and Wolfgang Heidrich


II The Image in Motion


Death and Digital Photography
Helen Ennis


Ten Canoes and the Ethnographic Photographs of Donald Thomson: ‘Animate Thought’ and ‘the Light of the World’

Anne Rutherford


It Has Not Been – It Is. The Signaletic Transformation of Photography
Mette Sandbye


The 'Potential Mobilities' of Photography
Debbie Lisle

The Cinematograph as an Agent of History

Kamila Kuc


Charcoal Matter with Memory: Images of Movement, Time and Duration In the Animated Films of William Kentridge

David H. Fleming


A New/Old Ontology of Film
Rafe McGregor

III Hybrid Photomediations

‘The Operative Image’ cluster in The New Everyday: A MediaCommons Project

curated by Ingrid Hoelzl

Image Future

Lev Manovich

The Glitch Moment(um)

Rosa Menkman


Critical Glitches and Glitch Art

Michael Betancourt


Noise at the Interface
Andrew Prior


Jonathan Shaw

IV The Networked Image

Benjamin, BitTorrent, Bootlegs: Auratic Piracy Cultures?
Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz


The Gestural Image: The Selfie, Photography Theory and Kinaesthetic Sociability
Paul Frosh

The Allure of the Selfie: Instagram and the New Self Portrait

Brooke Wendt


It's About the Sharing: Instagram's Recursive Aura (Vernacular Photography in the Age of Google Image Search)
Timothy Walsh


Interview with Jon Rafman



The Horrors of Visuality
Rob Coley


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