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The Post-Corporate University

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A Call to Action


This project presumes that the University is in crisis and that this crisis has been caused by the social and economic characteristics of “Neoliberalism.”  I am far from the first person to identify this crisis.  I do, however, feel that it has not been addressed adequately or consistently.  And, I am certain that it cannot be adequately or consistently addressed but in a systemic way, by many people, in many settings, with many relationships to the University, through multiple attempts at critique and action.  As a result, this project belongs to Liquid Books, a free and open wiki-based publication.  While I believe in such things as the “Creative Commons,” this project does not belong to everyone, rather, it can belong only to those who hold it in common.  Possession of such a project is not simply a given, rather it can only be had by those who care to make it.  Thus, I invite readers to participate actively, to build it from the ground up. 


As readers will note, this first chapter provides a bit of personal background, a bit of theory, and concludes with a proposal.  What comes next is entirely to be determined.  I am not an authority on the University.  I am only one person teaching at one school.  But I do hope that the limited information in this first chapter is provocative enough to generate additional content, some of which might be incorporated into this first chapter, but much of which will likely result in new chapters.   My personal goal with this project is not a unitary answer, but possible answers suggested by a multitude of theories and experiences that can move us beyond the grim prospect of our inert state.


As you read, think about what you might write, and let us give our answers to the question: Is Another University Possible?



Chapter 1: Neoliberal Arts and the 21st Century University


The Post-Corporate University: Bibliography


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