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New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader

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New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader

Introduction to Version 1.0

Gary Hall and Clare Birchall


The idea for New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader came about as a result of a suggestion from a publisher that we might like to produce a follow-up to our 2006 print-on-paper edited collection, New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory. This follow-up was to consist of a reader gathering together and making easily accessible a number of important texts by some of the theorists discussed in our earlier volume: Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Friedrich Kittler, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Slavoj Žižek and so on. While we could see that such a reader might have a certain usefulness, it seemed to us that to turn the idea of 'new cultural studies' into some fixed and stable concept or brand like this would be to miss the point of what we and our fellow contributors were trying to achieve with that book. It felt like it would be out of keeping with the spirit of New Cultural Studies, its commitment to a performative cultural studies, and emphasis on the need for cultural studies to experiment with creating events and new forms of practice, action and organisation. So we have decided to put together what we are calling a ‘liquid book’ instead... (read more here).


New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory (Some Comments, Clarifications, Explanations, Observations, Recommendations, Remarks, Statements and Suggestions)

Gary Hall and Clare Birchall


The editors would like to use this space, traditionally reserved for what is known as the ‘Introduction’, to draw your attention to one or two things worth bearing in mind while reading this book. First and foremost, we would like to begin by apologising to some of our readers for, in effect, pointing out the shark fin of theory just when you were beginning to think it was safe to go back into the surf of cultural debate... (read more here).


Liquid Theory TV: Video Introduction

Gary Hall, Clare Birchall, Pete Woodbridge, Paul Allender





Part 1    New Adventures in Theory


Deconstruction [More] 

Deconstruction and the 'Eccentric Circle'

Jacques Derrida



Totality and Infinity

Emmanuel Levinas


German Media Theory

Introduction, Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

Friedrich Kittler [More]


Italian Political Theory

From Capital Labour to Capital Life

Maurizio Lazzarato [More]


Actor Network Theory

Actor Network Theory

Martin Ryder



Part 2    New Theorists




Postscript on the Societies of Control

Gilles Deleuze





The State of Emergency

Giorgio Agamben



The Experience of Freedom

Jean-Luc Nancy



Democracy, Politics and Philosophy

Alain Badiou



With Defenders Like These, Who Needs Attackers?

Slavoj Zizek



Damned to Expertocracy: The End of Democracy?

Peter Sloterdijk


Part 3    New Transformations



Excerpt from the Introduction to On the Political

Chantal Mouffe 


Anti-Capitalism/The Global Justice Movement

Porto Alegre: Today's Bandung?

Michael Hardt


Open Source

Open-Source: A Movement in Search of a Philosophy

Manuel de Landa


New Media

Flickering Connectivities in Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis

N. Katherine Hayles



Order Out of Chaos: Man's Dialogue with Nature

Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers


Biopolitics [More]

Biopolitics and Connective Mutation



Part 4    New Adventures in Cultural Studies




Rem Koolhaas [More]


Cartographies [More]


Counter-Cartographies Collective  


The University [More]


edu-factory collective


The Book

The Institute for the Future of the Book

The Institute for the Future of the Book


Transparency and Secrecy

Before and Beyond WikiLeaks




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