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Saved by Gary Hall
on July 30, 2008 at 11:30:30 pm

Welcome to the Culture Machine Liquid Books series wiki!


Culture Machine Liquid Books is a series of experimental digital ‘books’ published under the conditions of both open editing and open content. As such, you are free to annotate, tag, edit, add to, remix, reformat, reversion, reinvent and reuse any of the books in the series - and what's more you are strongly encouraged to do so.


The wiki you are currently reading has been set up to expressely facilitate such experimention. It provides you with read/write access to all the volumes in the Liquid Books series (a list of which is provided on the accompanying Sidebar). You also have the ability to comment on, respond to, and debate with the text of these books, the authors, and other readers using the 'Add a comment' feature (see below). 


The most interesting results of such open editing - as chosen by Culture Machine's editors and peer-reviewers - will be 'frozen' and published on the main Culture Machine site as new versions of volumes in the Liquid Books series in their own right. 


New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader


The first volume in the Culture Machine Liquid Books series is New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader. This has been edited by Gary Hall and Clare Birchall as a follow up to their 2006 woodware volume, New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press). The first 'frozen liquid' version of this book - New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader (Version 1.0) - will appear as part of the Culture Machine journal's 'Pirate Philosophy' issue in 2008.


Call for Contributions to the Culture Machine Liquid Books series


You are also free to create and publish liquid books of your own using this wiki. 


Indeed, Culture Machine is currently seeking new and exciting contributions to the Liquid Books series to publish on the journal's main site alongside New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader (Version 1.0). Suggestions for possible themes include, but are in no way restricted to:


The Book


The Environment



The Illegal Worker





The University




Anyone interested in contributing a volume to Culture Machine Liquid Books should contact the series editor Gary Hall - or just publish them using this Culture Machine Liquid Books wiki. We'll do the rest.


Gary Hall

Email: gary@garyhall.info:





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